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Environmental, Social and Governance Report

We are committed to ensure long-term sustainability of our businesses. Now we have over 7,900 employees in Hong Kong, Guangxi, Guizhou, China and Gabon, Africa. In addition to continue our long-term goal to provide quality products to our valuable clients in an environmental friendly manner, we are also keen to establish a quality operation system, to protect the safety and health of our employees and also to provide contribution to the surrounding community in which we have businesses.


As part of the preparation for compiling this report, we undertake a preliminary review of the material topics that have affected and continue to affect our business, and our actions to address them. This process focuses our reporting on the sustainability topics which we consider of interest to our key stakeholders, which include national and regional government, community members, our workforce and business partners.
A matter is considered to be material if, in the view of the Board and senior management, it is of such importance that it will, or potentially could, in the short, medium or long term:

•   have e significant influence on,or is of particular attention to, our stakeholders; or
•   substantively impact our ability to meet our strategic objectives.

Once identified, each material issue is given a priority level based on the level of concern shown by stakeholders, as well as its actual and/or potential impact on the business. The issues which we identified as being material are in the following four aspects, in no order of priority:

•   Safety Production and Labor Production;
•   Energy Savings and Environmental Production;
•   Quality Operation System Establishment,Employment Training and Growth;and
•   Social Contribution,Living Environment and Culture Development

Basis of preparation

The data in this report, unless otherwise stated, cover companies, assets and projects in which we have operational control (where we have full authority to implement our operating policies), but does not cover our associated companies.

The details of the Social Responsibility Report please refer to the "Environmental, Social and Governance Report" of our latest annual report.

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